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Wicked, Wicked (1973)

Wicked, Wicked was presented in ANAMORPHIC DUO-VISION! What’s Duo-Vision? It’s two separate images projected at the same time. “Twice the tension! Twice the terror!” screamed the movie’s poster art, making the most of what was basically a fancy name for split-screen.

Film and TV journeyman Richard L. Bare (Cheyenne, Green Acres) wrote and directed this tongue-in-cheek slasher with a twisted gimmick worthy of William Castle.

With DUO-VISION, the audience experienced the terror as both the hunter and the hunted in split screen.

wickedwicked3 wickedwicked4

Shot on location at San Diego’s spectacular Hotel del Coronado, Wicked, Wicked took us inside the lives of staff, residents, and visitors to the hotel, including an orphaned handyman, a loose lounge singer, a haunted ex-cop, a feckless hotel manager, a faded starlet and a desperate drug mule.

As the handyman at a seacoast hotel, Randolph Roberts wears a monster mask while he kills and dismembers women with blonde hair. Tiffany Bolling is a singer, Scott Brady is a detective and Edd “Kookie” Burns (from 77 Sunset Strip) is a lifeguard.

The bloody mayhem is set to the organ music created for the 1925 silent classic Phantom of the Opera.


Rick Stewart
David Bailey
Lisa James
Tiffany Bolling
Jason Gant
Randolph Roberts
Police Sgt. Ramsey
Scott Brady
Henry Peter ‘Hank’ Lassiter
Edd Byrnes
Dolores Hamilton
Diane McBain
Simmons, Hotel Manager
Roger Bowen
Lenore Karadyne
Madeleine Sherwood
Indira Danks (Stefanianna Christopherson)
Mr. Fenley
Arthur O’Connell
Bill Broderick
Jack Knight
Mrs. Griswald – Housekeeper
Patsy Garrett
Fred, Day Clerk
Robert Nichols
Owen Williams
Kirk Bates
Adele Moffett – Organist
Maryesther Denver

Richard L. Bare