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Willie Dynamite (1974)

Willie Dynamite (Roscoe Orman – yes, Gordon from Sesame Street!) is a flamboyant but down-on-his-luck New York pimp. His pimpmobile (a tricked out metallic purple and gold Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado with pipes on the side and a leopard skin interior) is constantly getting towed, his seven girls are all getting busted, he’s been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, *and* he’s being audited.

But Willie D is determined to be the number one pimp in the city. Meanwhile, ex-hooker social worker Cora (Diana Sands) – “consider me a consumer protection agency” – is trying to bring him down and change his ways for the better.

Rather than a linear story, Willie Dynamite is really a loosely connected collection of vignettes. There’s no nudity and little violence but it’s a fast-paced, camp and very entertaining Blaxploitation romp. The outfits are also a treat and definitely some of the most ridiculous ever seen in the genre.

This was Diana Sands final film before she succumbed to Leiomyosarcoma, aged just 39.

Willie Dynamite
Roscoe Orman
Cora Williams
Diana Sands
Robert Daniels
Thalmus Rasulala
Joyce Walker
Roger Robinson
George Murdock
Albert Hall
Norma Donaldson
Juanita Brown
Willie’s Mother
Royce Wallace
Judith Brown
Marilyn Coleman
Mary Charlotte Wilcox
Marcia McBroom
Willie’s Lawyer
Jack Bernardi

Gilbert Moses