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Wombling Free (1977)

Based on the popular TV series, this charming family movie sees the Wombles facing two struggles.

While they wage their ongoing war against litter after being invited to a kid’s birthday party, they also have to prove their existence to the inhabitants of Wimbledon Common.

David Tomlinson and Frances de la Tour feature in the human roles and Bonnie Langford is a little girl who discovers the Wombles.

The Womble voices were provided by David Jason, Janet Brown, Jon Pertwee, John Graham and Lionel Jeffries.

Director Lionel (The Railway Children) Jeffries’ silly and charmless musical confection came far too late to revive the careers of the adult-sized furry creations or make them as globally popular as the Muppets.


Roland Frogmorton
David Tomlinson
Julia Frogmorton
Frances de la Tour
Kim Frogmorton
Bonnie Langford
Arnold Takahashi
Bernard Spear
Doris Takahashi
Yasuko Nagazumi
County surveyor
John Junkin
Assistant surveyor
Reg Lye
Great Uncle Bulgaria
Jack Purvis
Kenny Baker
Eileen Baker
Mme. Cholet
Sadie Corre
Brian Jones
Albert Wilkinson
Marcus Powell
John Lummiss
Womble voices
Lionel Jeffries
David Jason
Jon Pertwee
John Graham
Janet Brown

Lionel Jeffries