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You’ve Got to Walk It Like You Talk It or You’ll Lose That Beat (1971)

Carter Fields (Zalman King) stars as a young New Yorker failing in marriage, in his Wall Street job, and in his search for sex (he is given to nosebleeds during intercourse), in this forgotten bad-taste highly irreverent counterculture comedy.

His search leads him to working in the New York City Traffic Control bureau, becoming a revolutionary and doing commercials for an ad agency. Despite all this, in the end it takes a small incident to show Carter life’s meaning.

The ploy doesn’t really matter. It’s just a framework for director Peter Locke to trot out a lot of bizarre characters and some collegiate humour about women, black people, drunks, homosexuals, abortion, love, sex, poverty and senility – something to offend everyone.

There are some hilarious bit performances from comic Richard Pryor, filmmaker Bob Downey, Allen Garfield and Locke’s own mother and grandmother.

The soundtrack by Steely Dan was issued on an LP years later.

Carter Fields
Zalman King
Herby Moss
Allen Garfield
Suzette Green
Richard Pryor
Head of Ad Agency
Robert Downey Sr.
Karen Ludwig
Carter’s Mother
Ruth Locke
Stan Gottlieb
Shoe Thief/Purse Snatcher
Peter Locke
Chick Kozloff
Paula Frankle
Anita Lorraine Teitlebaum
Elaine Everett
Singer in Men’s Room
Liz Torres
Girl in Park
Roz Kelly
Roger Parsons

Peter Locke