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Zaat (1971)

After a lengthy sequence where a narrator extols the virtues of the underwater kingdom, mad scientist Dr Kurt Leopold (Marshall Grauer) transforms himself into a killer fish monster so that he can take revenge on the colleagues who ridiculed his ideas of turning humans into fish.

After each killing, the rubber-suited fiend puts an X through another photo on his wall. He also takes to the rivers and lakes to spread radioactive “pollution” via a domestic cleaning product spray bottle.

Meanwhile, two government agents (in red jumpsuits) are in lukewarm pursuit and foil the Doc’s attempt to kidnap a skinny-dipping blonde he’d planned to mate with.

“I cannot, I will not be stopped”, he thunders. “I will select a mate with the utmost care. Together we will create a new aquatic race!”

You’d think that a movie whose antagonist looks more like ALF than The Creature From The Black Lagoon, who uses the handrail to climb stairs, and is photographed from the waist up because the actor was wearing tennis shoes would have a chuckle or two.

But even though it was parodied on Mystery Science Theater 3000, Zaat isn’t even good for laughs.

Produced, co-written, and co-directed by Don Barton, who wisely never made another movie.

The budget on Zaat was so low that the production couldn’t afford lighting for the outdoor night scenes so the headlights of cars had to be used.

The reflection of the car lights can occasionally be spotted in windows as the monster walks the deserted streets.

Dr Kurt Leopold
Marshall Grauer
The Monster
Wade Popwell
Sheriff Lou Krantz
Paul Galloway
Marine Biologist Rex
Gerald Cruse
INPIT Agent Martha Walsh
Sanna Ringhaver
INPIT Agent Walker Stevens
Dave Dickerson
Deputy Sheriff
Rich Valliere

Don Barton
Arnold Stevens