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Zee & Co (1972)

London architect Robert Blakeley (Michael Caine) and his wife Zee (Elizabeth Taylor) are a self-absorbed pair with a love-hate marriage which spirals towards destruction when Robert falls in love with a beautiful young boutique owner named Stella (Susannah York).

Zee then goes through a series of scheming she-devil adventures to break Robert and Stella up.

It’s a brash affair that sees Taylor venting in best Virginia Woolf style, but the film tries a bit too hard to outrage (the lesbian subplot is particularly silly). It does provide a decent showcase for the three leads, though.

Released in some markets as X, Y and Zee.

Zee Blakeley
Elizabeth Taylor
Robert Blakeley
Michael Caine
Susannah York
Margaret Leighton
John Standing
Mary Larkin
Michael Cashman

Brian G. Hutton