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Zoltan: Hound of Dracula (1977)

A group of Soviet soldiers in Romania uncover the underground tomb of the Dracula family.

A soldier unwittingly removes a stake from a pile of sheets in an opened casket and is bitten to death by a giant hound. This is Zoltan and he soon pulls the stake out of his master’s faithful servant, Veidt Smith (Reggie Nalder) and the two begin a trek to the United States to find the last surviving family member, Michael Drake (Count Dracula) and restore the undead dynasty.

Once in the US, Zoltan begins to infect all the canines he encounters

Inspector Branco (Jose Ferrer) – who is well-versed in vampirism and folklore – is hot on their heels.

Released in some markets as Dracula’s Dog.

Michael Drake/Count Dracula
Michael Pataki
Marla Drake
Jan Shutan
Linda Drake
Libby Chase
Steve Drake
John Levin
Veidt Smith
Reggie Nalder
Pat Parks
Cleo Harrington
Tom Gerrard
Bob Miller
Second Officer
Gordon McGill
Deputy Al
Al Ferrara
Roger Pancake
Major Hessel
Arlene Martel
Inspector Branco
José Ferrer

Albert Band