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18 Again! (1988)

After an accident, 81-year-old Jack Watson (George Burns) find his birthday wish to be young again comes true, and his mind switches into the body of his 18-year-old grandson, David (Charlie Schlatter).

Burns did the majority of his best work on stage, radio and TV with his wife Gracie Allen. However, most viewers will remember him as a mischievous old man in films like The Sunshine Boys and Oh, God! (1977).

Either of these would better have shown off the talents of the veteran trouper, who died shortly after his 100th birthday, as he’s given little screen time in this non-starting body-swap comedy that crept in at the end of the cycle that began with Big (1988) and Vice Versa.

Anita Morris is good as Madelyn the bubble-headed gold digger. She and Burns are a perfect match from the bedroom to the birthday party.


Jack Watson
George Burns
David Watson
Charlie Schlatter
Tony Roberts
Anita Morris
Miriam Flynn
Jennifer Runyon
Red Buttons
George DiCenzo
Bernard Fox
Professor Swivert
Kenneth Tigar

Paul Flaherty