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9 To 5 (1980)

Judy Bernly (a housewife whose husband left her for his secretary) begins her own secretarial career at a huge corporation.

Violet Newstead, a feisty, veteran office manager, instructs her on the perils and procedures of office life, and of working for Franklin Hart Jr, their chauvinistic, sleazy boss, and his right-hand woman, the crisp, nosy Roz.


Meanwhile, Hart’s endless attempts to seduce his happily married secretary, Doralee Rhodes (Dolly Parton in her movie debut), lead the entire office to think she’s a trollop.

When Hart unfairly passes Violet over for a promotion, she drowns her sorrows at a local bar with Judy and Doralee, who regales the others with tales of Hart’s epic advances.

Later, at Doralee’s house, the women smoke pot, eat barbecue, and concoct hilarious revenge fantasies (a rodeo hog-tie, a Wild West shootout, and a gothic Snow White scenario) about killing their boss.

When a mix-up leads the women to think they have accidentally poisoned Hart’s coffee, they hatch a scheme to protect themselves by stealing Hart’s body from the morgue.

When he ultimately turns up alive, never having drunk the coffee, they must kidnap him to prevent him from blackmailing them or calling the police.

The women then use the absence of their boss to effect some big changes around the office.

Judy Bernly
Jane Fonda
Violet Newstead

Lily Tomlin
Doralee Rhodes

Dolly Parton
Franklin Hart Jr

Dabney Coleman
Russell Tinsworthy

Sterling Hayden

Elizabeth Wilson
Mr Hinkle

Henry Jones
Richard ‘Dick’ Bernly

Lawrence Pressman
Missy Hart

Marian Mercer

Colin Higgins