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Adventures Of Milo & Otis, The (1986)

Ever-curious ginger kitten Milo and his new farmyard friend, faithful puppy Otis, stray far and wide when a raging river sweeps them away from their farm home, encountering all sorts of dangers and sharing a series of comic adventures.

Owing a huge debt to Disney’s 1963 film The Incredible Journey, this Japanese live-action animal tale is far superior to the studio’s own 1993 remake.

The cat and dog of the title don’t “speak” for themselves, making their perilous exploits seem all the more thrilling.

Dudley Moore might not have been everyone’s choice as narrator, but his lively voiceover gives the action sequences a bit more bite and prevents the gentler moments lapsing into whimsy.

Dudley Moore

Masanori Hata