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Aerobicide (1986)

A psychopathic nutter is killing the members of a 1980s gym/fitness club called “Rhonda’s Workout”. . . armed with a giant safety pin.

This cross between a splatter film and a Cher video features gratuitous nudity, corny synth music, endless close-ups of women in lycra (Director David A Prior does his best to keep a bit of cleavage in every shot – including most of the murder scenes), dumb death scenes and shockingly bad production.

Released in some markets as Killer Workout, the film was clearly made on the smallest budget imaginable. As a result, it lands firmly in the so-bad-it’s-good category and is arguably still the only Aerobics-themed slasher movie in existence.

Rhonda Johnson
Marcia Karr
Det. Lt. Morgan
David Campbell
Jimmy Hallik
Fritz Matthews
Chuck Dawson
Ted Prior
Teresa Van der Woude
Richard Bravo
Dianne Copeland
Diane Matthews
Laurel Mock
Lynn Meighan
Rachael McClee
Teresa Truesdale
Denise Martell
Michael Beck

David A. Prior