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All Of Me (1984)

In Steve Martin’s fourth collaboration with director Carl Reiner, Martin plays Roger Cobb – an idealistic lawyer (and part-time be-bop jazz guitarist), half of whose body is possessed by the spirit of Lily Tomlin’s dead and unpleasantly crotchety millionairess, Edwina Cutwater.

In a bizarre reincarnation scheme, Edwina’s soul had been aimed at the body of beautiful Terry Hoskins (Victoria Tennant) at the moment of the sickly woman’s last breath. But her plan takes a wrong turn, and her soul winds up sharing Cobb’s body with him.

It’s an uneven effort, but Martin provides a feast of physical comedy as he simultaneously walks and talks as half-man, half-woman.

Character actor Richard Libertini – as wacky Swami Prahka Lasa – is the next best thing to Steve Martin in the film, while Victoria Tennant seems wasted in a role that is too uptight.

Roger Cobb
Steve Martin 
Edwina Cutwater 

Lily Tomlin 
Terry Hoskins 

Victoria Tennant 
Peggy Schuyler 

Madolyn Smith 
Prahka Lasa 
Richard Libertini 
Burton Schuyler 

Dana Elcar 
Tyrone Wattell 

Jason Bernard 

Selma Diamond 
Fred Hoskins 

Eric Christmas 
Fulton Norris 

Gailard Sartain 

Neva Patterson 
Mr Mifflin 

Michael Ensign
Dr Betty Ahrens 
Peggy Feury

Carl Reiner