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Amityville III: the Demon (Amityville 3-D) (1984)

After exposing a pair of phoney spiritualists based in the notorious Long Island town, investigative reporter John Baxter (Tony Roberts) laughs at the legend and moves into the famous cursed Amityville house on Ocean Avenue.

Almost immediately, strange manifestations occur, resulting in unexplained deaths among his workmates and family, and he eventually uncovers a gateway to hell in the cellar.


Decent special effects – rendered originally in highly effective 3-D – dovetail neatly with director Richard Fleischer’s creation of a creepy, claustrophobic atmosphere.

A young Meg Ryan has a small role as a spooked teenager who wants to have sex with a ghost.

John Baxter
Tony Roberts
Nancy Baxter
Tess Harper
Elliot West
Robert Joy
Candy Clark
Harold Caswell
John Beal
Emma Caswell
Leora Dana
Clifford Sanders
John Harkins
Susan Baxter
Lori Loughlin
Meg Ryan

Richard Fleischer