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Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes, Part IV (1989)

This television movie made for NBC-TV is a sequel that seems determined to induce sleep.

An ugly, possessed lamp (yep, a possessed *lamp*) purchased at an Amityville yard sale in Long Island is sent to the remote California home of old maid Alice Leacock (Jane Wyatt).

Her recently widowed daughter, Nancy (Patty Duke) and her three kids – Brian (Aron Eisenberg), Amanda (Zoe Trilling) and Jessica (Brandy Gold) – move in at the same time and the trouble starts . . .

A parakeet dies in a toaster oven, a hand is ground up in a garbage disposal, and a chainsaw goes out of control. Exorcist priest Father Kibbler (Fredric Lehne) eventually arrives from New York City to help.

Director Sandor Stem wrote the script for the original Amityville Horror (1979).

Nancy Evans
Patty Duke
Alice Leacock
Jane Wyatt
Father Kibbler
Fredric Lehne
Lou Hancock
Jessica Evans
Brandy Gold
Amanda Evans
Zoe Trilling (as Geri Betzler)
Brian Evans
Aron Eisenberg
Father Manfred
Norman Lloyd
Donald McTear
Robert Alan Browne
Gloria Cromwell
Danny Reade
Jamie Stern
Helen Royce
Peggy McCay
Warren Munson
Alex Rebar
Jack Rader

Sandor Stern