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Android (1982)

In an isolated space station in the year 2036, Max 404 – an almost-human robot – learns that he is to be shut down by scientist Dr Daniel (Klaus Kinski) who is about to finish his new robot, a beautiful blonde that will replace Max.

android_2Three escaped convicts invade the station with the plan to return to earth and Max wants to go with them.

A charming, likeable, sci-fi B-movie that features Don Opper as the shy and sensitive robot who wants to go to Earth to be his “own person”.

Debuting director Aaron Lipstadt does the utmost with a limited budget and the film seems slated for cult status.

Dr Daniel
Klaus Kinski
Max 404
Don Opper
Brie Howard
Kendra Kirchner
Norbert Weisser
Crofton Hardester

Aaron Lipstadt