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Apology (1986)

An above-average made-for-cable chiller that makes some telling points about the nature of voyeurism.

Lesley Ann Warren plays an avant-garde artist in search of inspiration who starts a confession line, where people are asked to phone through anonymous details of their misdemeanours which she records on her answerphone.

However, it backfires when she finds herself stalked by a psycho.

Robert Bierman, who went on to direct the weird Nicolas Cage horror Vampire’s Kiss, sustains an air of menace throughout and delivers enough quirky touches to keep viewers guessing.

Warren is good as the slightly pretentious artist, and there’s fine support from Peter Weller and John Glover.

Screenplay writer Mark Medoff penned the same year’s Oscar-winning Children of a Lesser God.

Lily McGuire
Lesley Ann Warren
Rad Hungate
Peter Weller
Frank Lestall
George Loros
Philip Purness
John Glover
Claude Kenley
Jimmie Ray Weeks
Harvey Fierstein
Assistant DA
Charles S Dutton
Skye Bassett
Garrett M Brown

Robert Bierman