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Armed and Dangerous (1986)

When an ex-cop and an inept lawyer join forces as security guards, they don’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of LA’s bad guys especially as they are frequently unable to tell the crooks from the cops.

John Candy and Eugene Levy cause chaos at a private security company and come up against cartoonish gangster Robert Loggia.

The spectre of Police Academy (1984) looms large, but this even lacks the grossness of that series, while director Mark L Lester, usually a proficient handler of action material, messes up the few chase sequences.

Meg Ryan would probably like to draw a discreet veil over this one as well.

Frank Dooley
John Candy
Norman Kane
Eugene Levy
Michael Carlino
Robert Loggia
Clarence O’Connell
Kenneth McMillan
Maggie Cavanaugh
Meg Ryan
Anthony Lazarus
Brion James
Clyde Klepper
Jonathan Banks
Sergeant Rizzo
Don Stroud
Larry Hankin
Steve Railsback
Mel Nedler
Robert Burgos
Tony Burton

Mark L Lester