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Arthur 2 : On the Rocks (1988)

The perpetually intoxicated millionaire, Arthur Bach (Dudley Moore), is now happily married to Linda (Liza Minnelli), the loyal and understanding woman he fell in love with in the first film, and the couple are now trying to adopt a baby.

Then along comes billionaire Bert Johnson (Stephen Elliott) – the vengeful father of Susan (Jill Eikenberry), the rich WASP who Arthur jilted in order to marry Linda.

The billionaire seizes control of Arthur’s $750 million inheritance and leaves him broke and homeless – unless he divorces Linda and marries Susan.

Sadly, this set-up only leads to boring situations – Arthur even stops drinking – that sag under the strain of crude jokes. The moment Arthur sobers up, the film turns from pure comedy into sitcom and the subject of the plot becomes not Arthur’s drunken attempts to cope with the world, but the mundane complications of the scheme by Susan’s father.

John Gielgud, who was so crucial in the original as the wise and witty butler, makes only a brief appearance here. Liza Minnelli also stars.

Arthur Bach
Dudley Moore
Linda Marolla Bach
Liza Minnelli
John Gielgud
Martha Bach
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Burt Johnson
Stephen Elliott
Paul Benedict
Susan Johnson
Cynthia Sikes
Mrs Canby
Kathy Bates
Mr Butterworth
Jack Gilford
Ted Ross
Ralph Marolla
Barney Martin
Stanford Bach
Thomas Barbour

Bud Yorkin