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Attack Force Z (1981)

Z Force (also known as the Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) is a secret Australian Special Forces specialist reconnaissance and sabotage unit during World War II.

The force is deployed to recover the passengers of a downed Allied plane – including the Minister of War – in the Japanese occupied Dutch East Indies with the help of an underground Chinese resistance movement.

Captain Paul Kelly (Mel Gibson) leads a multinational group of derring-doers on the secret mission and the screen is soon awash with corpses and tomato sauce.

Despite a cast including Gibson and Sam Neill who both went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood, the acting is pretty standard average Aussie fare and the film is a dull, cliche-ridden affair.

The movie performed badly at the box office in Australia. After a poor run in cinemas in Melbourne in June 1982, it wasn’t released anywhere else in Australia. It found more success as a video release on Roadshow Home Video.

Captain Paul Kelly
Mel Gibson
Lieutenant Jan Veitch
John Phillip Law
Sergeant Danny Costello
Sam Neill
Able Seaman ‘Sparrer’ Bird
Chris Haywood
Sub Lt. Ted ‘Kingo’ King
John Waters
Chien Hua
Sylvia Chang
Shaw Hu
O Ti
Lin Chan-Lang
Chun-Hsiung Ko
Lung Shuan
Yuan Yi
Wong Chong
Su Wei
Lee Chang
Hsa Li-Wen
Ed Ayres
Val Champion
Oshiko Imoguchi
Yu Wang

Tim Burstall