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Au Revoir les Enfants (1987)

This Second World War drama was based on French director Louis Malle’s own childhood experiences.


In Nazi-occupied France a 12-year-old boy is sent to a strict Carmelite convent school. Here he wonders why a newcomer is treated so differently – bullied by other boys, shielded by teachers.

The arrival of the Gestapo shows why – the boy is Jewish.

As a reminiscence of bigotries past, Au Revoir Les Enfants has a discreet integrity that’s rare among films dealing with anti-Semitism. It all works extremely well because Malle never sentimentalises friendships or cruelty, and the result is a powerful tract in miniature.

Julien Quentin
Gaspard Manesse
Jean Bonnet
Raphael Fejtö
Mme Quentin
Francine Racette
François Quentin
Stanislas Carré de Malberg
Father Jean
Philippe Morier-Genoud
Father Michel
François Berléand
François Négret
Peter Fitz

Louis Malle