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Avenging Angel (1985)

This sequel to Angel (1984) has former teen hooker Molly “Angel” Stewart (now played by Betsy Russell replacing winsome Donna Wilkes, star of the first film) now studying law at university full-time, having given up her nighttime job of prostitution.

When Lieutenant Andrews (Robert Lyons), the vice cop who rescued her from the streets, is murdered by gangsters, Angel returns Downtown (packing a .357 Magnum) to the seedy Hollywood Boulevard area she knows so well in order to avenge his death.

She frees her old pal, ageing cowboy stuntman Kit Carson (Rory Calhoun), from the old people’s home and together with her other old street friends she tracks down the bad guys.

The gritty, sleazy atmosphere that made the original film realistic and disturbing is missing in Avenging Angel and the sequel seems more camp than ‘street’, but it’s an entertaining flick all the same.

avengingangel1Molly ‘Angel’ Stewart
Betsy Russell
Kit Carson
Rory Calhoun
Solly Mosler
Susan Tyrrell
Captain Harry Moradian
Ossie Davis
Lieutenant Hugh Andrews
Robert Lyons
Yo-Yo Charlie
Steven M. Porter
Arthur Gerrard
Paul Lambert
Johnny Glitter
Barry Pearl
Estee Chandler
Teddy Butts
Tim Rossovich
Miles Gerrard
Frank Doubleday
Sergeant Hal Baylor
Howard Honig
Ray Mitchell
Ross Hagen
Tracy Robert Austin
Michael A. Andrews
Joe Borenstein
Paul ‘Mousie’ Garner
7 Finger Sid
Hoke Howell
Robert Dehaven
Deborah Voorhees
Edward Blackoff
Janie Soon Lee
Karin Mani
Lynda Wiesmeier
Shopping Cart Sally
Jeanne Lucas
Professor Garfield
Carl Bressler
Claudia Templeton

Robert Vincent O’Neil