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Babette’s Feast (1987)

Gabriel Axel’s Danish film – and 1987’s Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film – is an Isak Dinesen tale about a French servant (beautifully, stoically played by Stephane Audran) in a strict Lutheran household in Denmark.

To repay her hard, deprived hosts for their kindness, she spends her entire lottery winnings doing the one thing she knows how to do best – she cooks an elaborate, exotic, eponymous meal filled with game and liquors and desserts they’ve never experienced before.

The meticulous preparation, serving, and devouring of this feast changes the lives of everyone involved, enhancing the true meaning of friendship.

Impeccably acted, and suffused with charm and delicacy, this is one film that’s a meal in itself.

Stephane Audran
Jean-Phillipe Lafont
Gudmar Wivesson
Jarl Kulle
Bibi Andersson
Brigitte Federspiel
Bodil Kjer

Gabriel Axel