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Basket Case (1982)


This gore-drenched, gutter-trash classic is one of the key horror movies of the 1980s.

It tells the bizarre story of the Bradley brothers – normal Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) and his hideously deformed Siamese twin Belial, whom he carries around in a wicker basket – and how they wreak revenge on the quack doctor who separated them years before.

Graphic blood-letting is juxtaposed with comic relief in cult director Frank Henenlotter’s distorted version of ET (1982), but lurking behind its cruel and crude façade basketcaseposteris an accomplished shocker laced with great artistry, an authentically sleazy atmosphere and surprising pathos.

Duane Bradley
Kevin Van Hentenryck
Terri Susan Smith
Beverly Bonner
Dr Judith Kutter
Diana Browne
Dr Harold Needleman
Lloyd Pace
Dr Julius Lifflander
Bill Freeman
Brian “Mickey” O’Donovan
Joe Clarke

Frank Henenlotter