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Belly Of An Architect, The (1987)

Brian Dennehy stars as a self-obsessed middle-aged American architect travelling to Italy to supervise an exhibition about an 18th-century French architect.

His work is subverted by his preoccupation with his own stomach pains (cue a scene where he photocopies his belly obsessively) and with his wife Chloe Webb’s attempts to conceive.

Responses to Peter Greenaway are usually split into love or loathing of his work. This features his trademark strongly visual approach and multiple referencing to birth, death and the insubstantial human condition.

At turns fascinating and anal, this won’t disappoint Greenaway fans – but dissenters may prefer to avoid it.

Stourley Kracklite
Brian Dennehy
Louisa Kracklite
Chloe Webb
Caspasian Speckler
Lambert Wilson
Io Speckler
Sergio Fantoni
Flavia Speckler
Stefania Casini
Vanni Corbellini
Julio Ficcone
Alfredo Varelli
Geoffrey Copleston
Francesco Carnelutti

Peter Greenaway