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Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, The (1982)

Film version of the hit Broadway musical about the legendary bordello known as The Chicken Ranch (because of a period in the brothel’s history when cash was in short supply and poultry was accepted as payment for services).

Burt Reynolds is fine as Ed Earl, the beleaguered sheriff and Dolly Parton is effective as the golden-hearted madam, Mona Strangely. Charles During, as the issue-dodging governor, stops the show with a sensational dance routine.

The heavy of the piece is Dom DeLuise as Melvin P Thorpe, a crusading TV consumer advocate who, in his capacity as the self-appointed moral guardian of Texas, is determined to close down the whorehouse forthwith.

But DeLuise’s performance is singularly unfunny and seems to belong in another movie altogether.

Sheriff Dodd
Burt Reynolds
Miss Mona Strangely
Dolly Parton
Melvin P Thorpe
Dom DeLuise
Charles Durning
Deputy Fred
Jim Nabors
Senator Wingwood
Robert Mandan
Dulci Mae
Lois Nettleton
Theresa Merritt
Noah Berry
Raleigh Bond

Colin Higgins