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Best Of Times, The (1986)

Robin Williams and Kurt Russell play two of life’s failures in this all-American whimsy set in small-town California.

Bank manager Jack Dundee (Williams) lives in the shadow of a missed vital pass at a high-school football game while former star quarterback Reno Hightower (Russell) is now on the skids.

When Jack decides the town needs a little encouragement and some moral fibre, he comes up with a scheme to replay the game and change their fortunes and we’re into a rehash of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Except that the characters are one-dimensional, there aren’t any jokes, and the tone set by writer Ron Shelton and director Roger Spottiswoode is glutinous in the extreme.

It’s sad that Williams had a weakness for this sort of material when his talents so obviously would have been better served elsewhere.

Jack Dundee
Robin Williams
Reno Hightower
Kurt Russell
Gigi Hightower
Pamela Reed
Elly Dundee
Holly Palance
The Colonel
Donald Moffat
Margaret Whitton
M Emmet Walsh
Donovan Scott
R G Armstrong
Dub Taylor
Kathleen Freeman
Tony Plana

Roger Spottiswoode