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Big Business (1988)

Two sets of identical twins, separated at birth, converge in Manhattan on opposite sides of a corporate manoeuvre.

Bette Midler plays twins born to rich parents while Tomlin is twins born at the same time in the same hospital to poor parents. One of each pair is switched at birth by a short-sighted nurse so that both mothers think they have non-identical twins.

One Midler grows up poor and one rich, likewise with the two separated Tomlins. All goes well until the mismatched poor pair go to New York to protest the sale of their hometown factory by the rich pair.

The film starts slowly to establish the four leads and their beaux, but once in its stride, it provides barrels of laughs.

Sadie Shelton/Sadie Ratliff
Bette Midler
Rose Shelton/Rose Ratliff
Lily Tomlin
Roone Dimmick
Fred Ward
Graham Sherbourne
Edward Herrmann
Fabio Alberici
Michele Placido
Daniel Gerroll
Barry Primus
Dr Jay Marshall
Michael Gross
Binky Shelton
Deborah Rush
Hunt Shelton
Nicolas Coster
Iona Ratliff
Patricia Gaul
Garth Ratliff
J.C. Quinn
Nanny Lewis
Norma MacMillan

Jim Abrahams