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Big Easy, The (1986)

In New Orleans, the steamy city of hot music and spicy food, the odd bribe is all in a day’s work for unconventional cop Remy McSwain (Dennis Quaid).

But his job becomes complicated when a gang war threatens to blow the city apart and his methods are questioned by Anne Osborne (Ellen Barkin) from the DA’s office.

Ned Beatty and John Goodman provide gritty support while director Jim McBride brings the unique quality of the city to throbbing life.

Remy McSwain
Dennis Quaid
Anne Osborne
Ellen Barkin
Jack Kellom
Ned Beatty
Detective Dodge
Ebbe Roe Smith
Detective DeSoto
John Goodman
Detective McCabe
Lisa Jane Persky
Charles Ludlam
Thomas O’Brien
Judge Garrison
Honorable James Garrison
Judge Raskov
Carole Sutton

Jim McBride