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Big Trouble In Little China (1986)

2,000-year-old Chinese sorcerer David Lo Pan (James Hong) controls an evil empire beneath San Francisco’s Chinatown. He has not had a woman in 2,000 years and is looking for a green-eyed beauty who can make him immortal.

bigtroublelittlechina4Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is a tough but dense lorry driver with a John Wayne voice who makes for an amiably inept hero as he gets mixed up with ancient Chinese cults and magic when he ventures beneath the streets of San Francisco to rescue Miao Yin (Suzee Pai) – the fiancée of his old friend, Wang Chi (Dennis Dun). She just happens to have green eyes . . .

Jack and Wang enlist the help of friendly sorcerer Egg Shen (Victor Wong) to rescue Miao – and Jack’s beloved truck, The Pork Chop Express – from Lo Pan’s subterranean lair.

Lo Pan’s three bodyguards, Thunder (Carter Wong), Lightning (James Pax) and Rain (Peter Kwong) – known collectively as The Three Storms – wear ridiculously large straw hats and have comic book powers.

But the fight scenes are surprisingly stodgy and, in the end, the special effects take over.

Jack Burton
Kurt Russell
Gracie Law
Kim Cattrall
Wang Chi
Dennis Dun
David Lo Pan
James Hong
Egg Shen
Victor Wong (Yee Keung)
Margo Litzenberger
Kate Burton
Eddie Lee
Donald Li
Carter Wong
Peter Kwong
James Pax
Miao Yin
Suzee Pai
Uncle Chu
Chao-Li Chi
Jeff Imada
Joe Lucky
Rummel Mor
One Ear
Craig Ng
White Tiger
June Kim
Mrs. O’Toole
Noel Toy

John Carpenter