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Bigfoot & The Hendersons (1987)

This overly sentimental comedy from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment resembles a watered-down, terrestrial remake of ET (1982).

It’s a rehash of the old “innocent monster versus savage and uncaring civilisation” tract, in which a Seattle family adopts America’s answer to the abominable snowman and suffers the ludicrous consequences while trying to keep it a secret from the neighbours.

It’s even cosier and cutesier than the Spielberg norm, which is perhaps the reason why it became a short-lived TV sitcom.

The saving grace is seven-foot-two-inch actor Kevin Peter Hall (the alien in Predator (1987) opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger), who works miracles in Chewbacca drag as Harry the Missing Link, and his endearingly emotive face is the one pure joy to behold in this altogether mushy affair.

Sitting through the last ten minutes is like being lowered into a vat of molasses.

George Henderson
John Lithgow
Nancy Henderson
Melinda Dillon
Sarah Henderson
Margaret Langrick
Ernie Henderson
Joshua Rudoy
Kevin Peter Hall
Jacques Lafleur
David Suchet
Irene Moffitt
Lainie Kazan
Dr Wallace Wrightwood
Don Ameche
George Henderson Sr
M Emmet Walsh

William Dear