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Blame It On Rio (1984)

Estranged from their wives, best friends Matthew Hollis (Michael Caine) and Victor Lyons (Joseph Bologna) take their respective teenage daughters Karen (Valerie Harper) and Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) to Rio de Janeiro for a month’s holiday.

But the mood of their trip changes when Victor’s daughter Jennifer tries to seduce the reluctant Matthew.

Despite the disparity in their ages, the couple have a sexual fling. In between their furtive meetings, Hollis indulges in a series of attempts to keep the affair secret from Victor, who becomes obsessed about revealing the identity of his daughter’s lover.

Caine and Bologna give decent enough performances but the romance that develops between Caine and Johnson is just too leery for comfort.

The holiday atmosphere is well evoked, but the bad taste from director Stanley Donen, who made such stylish nonsense as Charade (1963), is an unpleasant surprise, while, for Caine, this misfiring comedy was one of a series of disasters during the 1980s.

The story comes from a French movie called One Wild Moment.

Matthew Hollis
Michael Caine
Victor Lyons
Joseph Bologna
Karen Hollis
Valerie Harper
Jennifer Lyons
Michelle Johnson
Nicole Hollis
Demi Moore
Eduardo Marques
José Lewgoy
Signora Botega
Lupe Gigliotti
Michael Menaugh
Tessy Callado

Stanley Donen