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Blood Beach (1980)

What’s sucking sun-worshippers and concerned locals under the sand on a southern California beach? Nothing more than a stock papier-mâché monster in this workmanlike update of a formula 1950s B-movie.

A little atmosphere is created when heroine Catherine Hutton (Mariana Hill) finds the creature’s lair by accident.

But elsewhere director Jeffrey Bloom’s first foray into the horror genre is familiar territory, all the way from the initial disappearance of harbour patrol officer Harry Caulder (David Huffman) to obnoxious cop Sergeant Royko (Burt Young) blowing the leftover Doctor Who beast to smithereens in a less than thrilling climax.

Harry Caulder
David Huffman
Catherine Hutton
Marianna Hill
Captain Pearson
John Saxon
Lieutenant Piantadosi
Otis Young
Dr Dimitrios
Stefan Gierasch
Sergeant Royko
Burt Young
Darrell Fetty
Lynne Marta
Lena Pousette
Mrs Selden
Eleanor Zee
Mrs Hench
Pamela McMyler
Ruth Hutton
Harriet Medin
Mickey Fox

Jeffrey Bloom