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Bloodbath At The House Of Death (1984)

At spooky old Headstone Manor, eighteen guests are killed in one night in 1975. Ten years later, strange radioactive readings are being picked up in the region and several scientific investigators come to check the place out, led by the one-legged Dr Lukas Mandeville (Kenny Everett) and his assistant Dr Barbara Coyle (Pamela Stephenson).

The house is haunted by a moronic devil-worshipping coven and their exasperated leader: “The Sinister Man” (Vincent Price).

Also heading to the haunted manor are three more cars containing paranormal investigators: John Harrison (John Fortune) Sheila Finch (Sheila Steafel), Elliot Broome (Gareth Hunt), Stephen Wilson (Don Warrington) and American investigator Henry Noland (John Stephen Hill) and his attractive companion Deborah Kedding (Cleo Rocos).

The inept Satanists are determined to expel the equally incompetent psychic experts from the house by creating a fire to summon up the exultant one, but they only succeed in cremating their leader.

Despite the title, this is actually a spoof of horror films. It parodies everything from American Werewolf In London (1981) to Star Wars (1977), and some of it works. Some of it doesn’t.

Former Saturday Night Live member Pamela Stephenson has a brief nude scene (prior to having sex with an invisible demon.)

Filmed entirely on location at Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, Bloodbath contains a high degree of ridiculous overacting by Everett whilst the rest of the supporting cast desperately attempt to salvage the film by playing it straight.

Only Vincent Price emerges with any credit as he joyously hams it up with a caricature of himself.

The script was written by Everett’s regular TV show writers Ray Cameron and Barry Cryer.

Dr Lukas Mandeville
Kenny Everett
Dr Barbara Coyle

Pamela Stephenson
Sinister Man

Vincent Price
Elliot Broome

Gareth Hunt
Stephen Wilson

Don Warrington
John Harrison

John Fortune
Sheila Finch

Sheila Steafel
Henry Noland

John Stephen Hill
Deborah Kedding

Cleo Rocos
The Blind Man

Graham Stark
Inspector Goule

David Lodge
Police Inspector

Barry Cryer

Ray Cameron