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Bounty, The (1984)

Although this is the third Hollywood account of the infamous 1789 mutiny, it’s not a remake.

Unlike the Charles Laughton/Clark Gable or Trevor Howard/Marlon Brando versions, this sticks closely to historical fact.

Consequently, Lieutenant – as he was at the time of the mutiny – William Bligh emerges as a gentleman bound by duty and loyalty who expected nothing less of his crew, while Fletcher Christian comes across as a man driven by heartfelt but half-digested notions of liberty and romance.

It was undoubtedly a bold move for Mel Gibson to play such an antihero, but, despite his efforts, he is acted off the screen by the magnificent Anthony Hopkins, whose dignity and determination hold together Roger Donaldson’s highly intelligent film.

Fletcher Christian
Mel Gibson
Lieutenant William Bligh
Anthony Hopkins
Admiral Hood
Laurence Olivier
Captain Greetham
Edward Fox
John Fryer
Daniel Day-Lewis
Bernard Hill
John Sessions
Philip Davis
Liam Neeson
Simon Chandler
Doctor Huggan
Malcolm Terris
Neil Morrissey
Dexter Fletcher

Roger Donaldson