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Brainstorm (1983)

Research scientists Walken and Fletcher develop a device that can record and playback physical, emotional and intellectual sensations from the brain, allowing anyone to re-experience them in exact detail through a tape and headset.

Successful demonstrations get their project some corporate funding but also attract military ‘observation’ of the device’s development.

Pacifist Fletcher argues against the military intrusion, straining a suspect heart already overloaded by her conspicuous chain-smoking, and then succumbs to natural causes while still hooked to the recording machine.

Walken becomes obsessed with the possibility of experiencing Fletcher’s last tape. Forbidden to risk it by benevolent boss Cliff Robertson, and eventually banned from his own lab on military orders, Walken gets comprehensively miffed by the discovery that the heavies are nefariously refining his device into a brainwashing tool.


His rampage of revenge, with Natalie Wood and other old comrades in tow, is achieved by cracking computer codes and causing remote-control chaos in the labs. And his hard-won glimpse of heaven is eventually filched from Fletcher’s tape via the public telephone network.

Sadly, the device and its tedious effects provide the meat of the movie.

The protracted multi-million dollar production also suffered the traumas occasioned by the untimely death of co-star Natalie Wood and a limbo period when the studio (MGM) threatened the withdrawal of completion funding.

A new ending was written for the film, and Lloyds of London paid out $3 million so that the film could be completed.

Michael Brace
Christopher Walken
Karen Brace
Natalie Wood
Lillian Reynolds
Louise Fletcher
Alex Terson
Cliff Robertson
Gordy Forbes
Jordan Christopher
Landan Marks
Donald Hotton
Robert Jenkins
Alan Fudge
Hal Abramson
Joe Dorsey
James Zimbach
Bill Morey
Chris Brace
Jason Lively
Stacey Kuhne-Adams
David Wood

Douglas Trumbull