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Bride of Re-Animator (1989)

Having absconded to Peru with fellow doctor Dan Cain to continue his experiments under the cover of being a medical volunteer, Dr Herbert West travels back to Arkham with Cain to resume their roles at Miskatonic Medical School.

Once there, West discovers he can reanimate individual body parts and sets about creating a living being from disparate body parts, including the heart of Cain’s dead fiancée Megan.

Along the way, West incurs the wrath of the police and the evil Dr Hill, whose severed head is all that remains of his body after the “Miskatonic Massacre”.


Nowhere near as impactful, witty or fresh as the original HP Lovecraft-based cult movie Re-Animator (1985), director Brian Yuzna’s gloriously gory sequel (he produced the first outing) sadly ventures more into standard Frankenstein territory.

Herbert West
Jeffrey Combs
Dan Cain
Bruce Abbott
Lieutenant Leslie Chapham
Claude Earl Jones
Francesca Danelli
Fabiana Udenio
Doctor Carl Hill
David Gale
Gloria – The Bride
Kathleen Kinmont

Brian Yuzna