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Burglar (1987)

Following the lukewarm reception for Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Whoopi Goldberg made another attempt at a leading comedy role in this disappointing mix of humour and action from original Police Academy director Hugh Wilson.

Goldberg plays Bernice Rhodenbarr, the burglar of the title, who witnesses a murder and then finds herself suspected and drawn back into crime when she is blackmailed by a corrupt ex-cop.

The star’s comic timing and acting talents can’t prevent you from guessing what will happen way before her character does, and even the combined talents of her fellow stand-up comedian Bob “Bobcat” Goldthwait and Roseanne star John Goodman seem to have little impact on the comedy.

Although this could have been a career-killer for Goldberg, she happily bounced back to win an Oscar three years later for her performance in Ghost (1990).

Bernice Rhodenbarr
Whoopi Goldberg
Carl Hefler
Bobcat Goldthwait
Ray Kirschman
G W Bailey
Dr Cynthia Sheldrake
Lesley Ann Warren
Carson Verrill
James Handy
Detective Todras
Anne De Salvo
Detective Nyswander
John Goodman
Elizabeth Ruscio
Vyto Ruginis
Larry Mintz

Hugh Wilson