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Cat People (1982)

Director Paul Schrader revamped the 1942 horror classic here with cold and flashy graphic effects.

Nastassja Kinski was captivating as the young mysterious woman who turns into a vicious black leopard while Malcolm McDowell and John Heard also turned in strong performances.

Cat People is the story of a beautiful young woman (Kinski) who, after being reunited with her brother (McDowell) in New Orleans after many years of separation, is horrified to learn that they are both members of an ancient tribe who are transformed into killer leopards every time they make love – The act of sex literally brings out the beast in them.


The only time they can free themselves from this debilitating state of affairs is if they indulge in a spot of mutual incest.

Albert Whitlock’s special effects are at their most gruesome when a black panther rips off a human arm.

Irena Gallier
Nastassja Kinski
Paul Gallier
Malcolm McDowell
Oliver Yates
John Heard
Alice Perrin
Annette O’Toole
Joe Creigh
Ed Begley Jr
Bill Searle
Scott Paulin
Detective Brandt
Frankie Faison

Paul Schrader