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Chained Heat (1983)

This lip-smackingly good women-in-prison saga finds Exorcist (1973) star Linda Blair – topless for the first time – as naive teenager, Carol, convicted of manslaughter after a car accident and learning the cell block ropes the hard way via degenerate guards, domineering inmates and the usual lesbian quota.

Bolstered by a great B-movie cast, this sequel to The Concrete Jungle (1982) might arguably be the ultimate jail-and-jiggle trash-fest.

John Vernon is an absolute hoot as sleazy Warden Backman, who videotapes desperate lags in his office hot-tub while feeding them cocaine.

Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens) is in cahoots with Lester the pimp (Henry Silva), skimming from the Warden’s cocaine supply and selecting the prison’s finest for escort work.


In order to preserve the profitable status quo, the prisoners are kept segregated in a “divide and conquer” strategy, fanning the flames of racial tension between the prison’s white and black factions, led by Ericka (Sybil Danning) and Duchess (Tamara Dobson) respectively.

Ericka consorts with Lester behind Captain Taylor’s’ back, while Duchess takes a dim view of the drug trade and warns Ericka and company not to let it spill over to her side.

Chained Heat II followed in 1993 starring Brigitte Nielsen.


Linda Blair
Warden Backman
John Vernon
Sybil Danning
Tamara Dobson
Captain Taylor
Stella Stevens
Sharon Hughes
Henry Silva

Paul Nicholas