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Changeling, The (1980)

When famous classical composer John Russell takes up residence in an old Victorian mansion, all he requires is solitude, quiet and an atmosphere in which to work. But the dark, panelled room and twisting corridors hold a different kind of atmosphere.

This satisfying twist on that old staple, the haunted-house movie, stars George C Scott as the recently widowed composer who moves into an old house in Seattle (played by Vancouver) run by the local historical society.

Before long, the house starts croaking, juddering and generally behaving badly.

changeling7With the help of local historian Trish Van Devere (Scott’s then real-life wife), a century-old murder is discovered – but there are further shocks in store, all neatly handled by Hungarian-born director Peter Medak, who sensibly refuses to let the special effects get the upper hand.

John Russell
George C Scott
Claire Norman
Trish Van Devere
Mrs Joanna Russell
Jean Marsh
Senator Joseph Carmichael
Melvyn Douglas
Dr Pemberton
Barry Morse
Robert Lingstrom
Bernard Behrens
Eva Lingstrom
Roberta Maxwell
Chris Gampel
Albert Harmon
Eric Christmas

Peter Medak