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Christine (1983)

Nerdy misfit student Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon) buys “Christine”, a 1958 Plymouth Fury with a history in which people tend to die in and around her.

As Arnie begins to restore the car, he becomes obsessed with it (and even slightly possessed by it).

Christine then goes out on its own and kills the people who have given Arnie a hard time, eventually even going after his girlfriend, Leigh (Alexandra Paul).

John Carpenter directed this film based on a Stephen King novel. John Stockwell played Gordon’s best friend, Dennis, and the baddies were William Ostrander, Malcolm Danare and Stuart Charno.

Also with Robert Prosky (as a cantankerous garage owner), Harry Dean Stanton (wasted in a nothing part) and Christine Belford.

Look for a young Kelly Preston in the small role of Roseanne, a high school student.

Arnie Cunningham
Keith Gordon
Leigh Cabot
Alexandra Paul
Dennis Guilder
John Stockwell
Will Darnell
Robert Prosky
Detective Rudolph Junkins
Harry Dean Stanton
Regina Cunningham
Christine Belford
Buddy Repperton
William Ostrander
Malcolm Danare
Don Vandenberg
Stuart Charno
Kelly Preston
George LeBay
Roberts Blossom
Mr Casey
David Spielberg
Steven Tash
Marc Poppel
Michael Cunningham
Robert Darnell

John Carpenter


Fresh off the release of Christine, Stephen King appeared on Breakfast to talk about his inspiration for originally writing the novel.