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Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Guiseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso isn’t just a dedicated tribute to the wonder of cinema but it’s also a positive testament of imagination, first love, and the bittersweet inevitable end of life.

Salvatore is ten years old when he saves Alfredo’s life in a fire. When Alfredo is blinded Salvatore takes over his role as projectionist in the local cinema, thus beginning his lifelong commitment to and love of the movies.

Cinema Paradiso is one of those love stories about mentorship, intimacy, and career that embraces the darker and more realistic attributes showing us that love can include devastating heartbreak.


Experiencing the director’s cut is the only way to get the fully intended epic story of friendship, an adoring tribute to the power of the cinema, and a deep romantic connection with all of its uplifting hopes and bitterly realistic lows.

This meaningful love letter to the movies is matchless in its form and beautiful in its sentimentality making it one of those most touching and memorable love stories the movies have ever offered.

Philippe Noiret
Salvatore Di Vitta
Jacques Perrin
Enzo Cannavale
Isa Danieli
Pupella Maggio
Agnese Nano
Father Adelfio
Leopoldo Trieste
Roberta Lena

Guiseppe Tornatore