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City Heat (1984)

Comedy thriller, set in the latter days of the Prohibition period, about a private eye (Burt Reynolds) and a police lieutenant (Clint Eastwood) who team up to investigate a murder.

Originally called Kansas City Jazz, it had been written by Blake Edwards, who was also to direct. But Eastwood and Edwards disliked each other from their first meeting – according to Reynolds, Edwards brought out caviar and champagne when Eastwood is a beer and pretzels kinda guy – so exit Edwards and enter director Richard Benjamin.

Despite the on-set problems, City Heat is decent entertainment – a nostalgic sprint through Prohibition-era Kansas City, with Eastwood and Reynolds both lampooning themselves with accustomed ease and trying hard to re-create the chemistry of Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy in Boom Town.

Lieutenant Speer
Clint Eastwood
Mike Murphy
Burt Reynolds
Jane Alexander
Caroline Howley
Madeline Kahn
Primo Pitt
Pitt Rip Torn
Ginny Lee
Irene Cara
Dehl Swift
Richard Roundtree
Leon Coll
Tony Lo Bianco
Lonnie Ash
William Sanderson
Troy Roker
Nicholas Worth
Robert Davi
Dub Slack
Jude Farese
Fat Freddie
John Hancock
Tab Thacker
Counterman Louie
Gerald S. O’loughlin
Aram Strossell
Jack Nance
Redhead Sherry
Dallas Cole
Vint Diestock
Michael Maurer
Keith Stoddard
Preston Sparks
Dr Breslin
Charles Parks
Doc Loomis
Arthur Malet
Peggy Barker
Joan Shawlee
Mr Smith
Wiley Harker
Mr Smith
Bob Maxwell
Little Red
Holgie Forrester
Daphne Eckler
Lonna Montrose

Richard Benjamin