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Club Paradise (1986)

Burned out and retired after one too many major alarms, a disabled Chicago fireman uses his insurance settlement to become partners with a reggae musician in a seedy run-down Caribbean holiday camp they hope to turn into a first class resort.

The eclectic cast includes British actors Peter O’Toole and Twiggy, American comics Rick Moranis and Eugene Levy and reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, but the gags are about as sparse as the “luxury” facilities provided by the hotel.

Even Williams’s quick-fire routines fail to raise many laughs.

Jack Moniker
Robin Williams
Governor Anthony Croyden Hayes
Peter O’Toole
Barry Nye
Rick Moranis
Ernest Reed
Jimmy Cliff
Phillipa Lloyd
Prime Minister Solomon Gundy
Adolph Caesar
Barry Steinberg
Eugene Levy
Terry Hamlin
Joanna Cassidy
Voit Zerbe
Brian Doyle-Murray

Harold Ramis