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Club, The (1980)

This film about an Australian Rules football club in the Victorian Football League (VFL) could easily be about the behind-the-scenes and front-of-house activities of any company, organisation, charity or committee.

It shows the way people operate – lying, manipulating, adapting, pushing a line . . .

Laurie, the coach, (Jack Thompson) has never won a Grand Final, the president (Graham Kennedy) is financially embarrassed and trying to pull a success out of the hat, the ex-president (Frank Wilson) is consumed with vanity, the manager plays both sides against the middle, the captain (Harold Hopkins) is on his last season and the performers are all amazingly good.

Laurie Holden
Jack Thompson
Ted Parker
Graham Kennedy
Jock Riley
Frank Wilson
Danny Rowe
Harold Hopkins
Geoff Hayward
John Howard
Gerry Cooper
Alan Cassell
Maggie Doyle
Ed Turley
Toni-Gay Shaw

Bruce Beresford