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Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980)

Sissy Spacek won a best actress Oscar for her heartfelt portrayal of country singer Loretta Lynn in this movie biopic from Michael Apted, the British director who went on to such Hollywood blockbusters as Gorillas in the Mist (1988).

Based on Lynn’s autobiography, the film charts the singer’s life from poverty in deepest Kentucky to her success as the queen of country music.

It’s a fascinating, no-holds-barred adaptation that includes Loretta’s battle with drugs, a nervous breakdown, her rocky marriage and the death of friend Patsy Cline.

Spacek is superb (successfully doing her own singing) and is ably supported by Tommy Lee Jones and Beverly D’Angelo (as Cline).

Loretta Lynn
Sissy Spacek
Doolittle Lynn
Tommy Lee Jones
Ted Webb
Levon Helm
Clara Webb
Phyllis Boyens
Lee Dollarhide
William Sanderson
Patsy Cline
Beverly D’Angelo
Bobby Day
Robert Elkins
Charlie Dick
Bob Hannah
Ernest Tubb

Michael Apted