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Comic, The (1985)

In a post-apocalyptic future dystopian Britain, aspiring comedian Sam Coex (Steve Munroe) murders Joey Myers (Jeff Pirie), the leading comic on the club circuit, and takes his place in the limelight.

Soon after, Sam – sporting the worst ginger mullet in the free world – hooks up with drug-addicted stripper Ann (the beautiful but untalented Berderia Timini who shows her breasts at regular intervals), who is the cause of his downfall.

Sam also gets picked up by Joey Myers’ old agent Stan (Bernard Plant), who charges a staggering 80% fee for booking him into various dives. As his career progresses, Coex is haunted by visions, often involving the zombified return of Joey Myers.

In this authoritarian future – where jackbooted ponytailed militia can beat the crap out of people in public for no reason then throw them in gaol without trial – the highest form of culture appears to be the working man’s club circuit.

It has the worst cast, the worst sets (Sam’s flat looks like it has been wallpapered with wet toilet roll), the worst camera work, the worst sound, the cheapest and weakest special effects and the greatest over-use of a smoke machine in cinematic history.

Makes Ed Wood look like Stanley Kubrick.

Sam Coex
Steve Munroe
Berderia Timini
Joey Myers
Jeff Pirie
Stan Clarke
Bernard Plant
Jim Malone
Bob Flag
George Ellington
Vass Anderson
Simon Davies
Inspector Trow
Gary Twomey
Joy Lale
Mr Bland
Eddie Blackstone
Gabe Cameron
Police Soldier 1
Philip Hope
Police Soldier 2
Eddie Dudzik
Prostitute at Bar
Anna Simmons
Dead Man
Graham Anderson
Club Artist
Daryl Nock
Police Victim
John Deerey
Nicki Wheelen
Helen Coex

Richard Driscoll