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Consuming Passions (1988)

Based on a play by Michael Palin and Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, Giles Foster’s comedy is not exactly a masterpiece.

The premise involves the floundering Chumley’s chocolate factory whose fortunes improve dramatically when hapless new management trainee Ian Littleton (Tyler Butterworth) accidentally knocks three men to their deaths in a mixing vat.

Suddenly the nation starts clamouring for their “special” chocolate  (“Passionelles”) with its mystery ingredient.

Vanessa Redgrave delivers a strange performance as a litigating widow while Jonathan Pryce seems to have developed an obsession with the word “yah”.

The factory seen in the film is actually the Bliss Tweed Mill in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

Mrs Garza
Vanessa Redgrave
Mr Farris
Jonathan Pryce
Ian Littleton
Tyler Butterworth
Graham Chumley
Freddie Jones
Sammi Davis
Prunella Scales
Mrs Gordon
Thora Hird
Big Teddy
William Rushton
Andrew Sachs
TV presenter
Wincey Willis

Giles Foster