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Cracking Up/Smorgasbord (The Movie) (1983)

Warren Nefron (Jerry Lewis) is a hopeless klutz who has some of the worst luck in the world.

crackingupWhen he tries to end it all with a foolproof suicide plan, he still manages to mess it up and in desperation, he goes to a psychiatrist.

As the doctor talks with him, the film cuts to a series of shorts scenes from Nefron’s life.

Lewis plays ten different roles in the movie. including Warren Nefron, Dr Perks, a gangster, a six-year-old, patrolman Speed Armeter and an elderly guru. Co-writer Bill Richmond played five different parts.

This was the final Lewis-directed opus, and he has never been funnier or more inventive.

Of course, many of the sequences go on much too long, but the French costume sketch is very clever and the best gag sequence in the film concerns the waitress and her listing of salad dressings.

Warren Nefron/Dr Perks/Gangster/Speed Armeter
Jerry Lewis
Ms Sultry
Milton Berle
Sammy Davis Jr
Dr Jonas Pletchick
Herb Edelman
Foster Brooks
Waitress/Valet/Woman in Line
Zane Buzby
Anti-Smoking Enforcer
Dick Butkus
Marie Du Bois
Francine York
John Abbott
Donna Ponterotto
Buddy Lester
Joe the Carpet Installer
Paul Lambert
Big Bearded Plane Passenger
Ben Davidson

Jerry Lewis