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Cujo (1983)

Castle Rock, Maine is a sleepy New England town. A place where families can live in peace.

But today Cujo, a full-grown St Bernard, isn’t feeling peaceful. The bite on his nose is infected and he has developed a violent fear of water as well as a vicious temper.

cujo3And now one Castle Rock family has something more than a broken down car to worry about – a 200lb rabid monster whose one purpose in life is to rip them apart.

The car siege should be a harrowing ordeal, but director Lewis Teague barks up the wrong tree by focusing earlier on Danny Pintauro’s fear of the dark and subsequent phobic attacks.

The suspense becomes laughably static, despite all the visual trickery thrown in to generate an interest that manifestly fails to materialise.

Add this to the list of Stephen King movie adaptations that failed to ignite the screen.

Donna Trenton
Dee Wallace Stone
Tad Trenton
Danny Pintauro
Vic Trenton
Daniel Hugh-Kelly
Steve Kemp
Christopher Stone
Joe Camber
Ed Lauter
Charity Camber
Kaiulani Lee
Brett Camber
Billy Jayne
Gary Pervier
Mills Watson

Lewis Teague